Book: Michael Connelly - The Reversal

By admin
08 April 2011

A defence attorney crosses the line when asked to act as prosecutor in a trial bound to create a media frenzy.

Mickey Haller – or the Lincoln Lawyer – is joined by ex-wife Maggie “McFierce” as second chair and detective Harry Bosch, veteran of many a Connelly thriller.

Together they aim to bring to a close the two-decade-long legal battle staged by Jason Jessup, a convicted child-killer.

Jessup is on the verge of being sprung from jail as a result of a controversial new DNA finding. But Haller and Bosch aren’t convinced.

Too many clues and their own hunch point to him as the murderer.

But their evidence is 20 years old and their only eyewitness’ life fell apart after seeing her little sister turn up dead in a dumpster.

This time car chases and late-night detective work take a backseat to the legal tug-of-war. But there’s a spectacular sting in the tail. Sometimes people can be pushed too far.

The Reversal by Michael Connelly

Orion, R180

Rating: 4/5

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