Book: Minrose Gwin - The Queen of Palmyra

By admin
31 December 2010

It’s 1963 at the height of racial tension in the American South and all 10-year-old Florence Forrest wants is a normal, loving family life.

But with an alcoholic mother who takes her on late-night trips to a bootlegger when her racist father has gone off to his Ku Klux Klan meetings, there’s no one to handle Florence with care.

When her mother disappears leaving her with her dad, who frequently molests her, Florence’s saving grace is her reluctant black minder, Zenie, who inspires her with stories about the Queen of Palmyra, an ancient warrior who led her people in a war against the Romans.

This book will make you angry and you’ll laugh when you shouldn’t. Minrose Gwin captures Florence’s 10-year-old psyche with a flawlessness that lends absolute credibility to the story.

Despite the tragic subject matter when you come to the end you’ll wish you had one more page to turn.

The Queen of Palmyra by Minrose Gwin

Harper Perennial, R154

Rating: 5/5

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