Book: Moscow Sting

By admin
19 April 2010

The cold war is history but the Western spy agencies have an uneasy relationship with the new Russia of Vladimir Putin, where tough men and cold hearts still rule.

The head of the UK’s MI6 is determined to avenge the murder of Finn, one of its former agents, by a Russian assassin.

But before authorising a revenge killing his political bosses want a bigger prize: access to the top KGB officer who was an inner-sanctum source for Finn. Trouble is, his true identity is known only to Finn’s widow, Anna, a former KGB colonel who left her job to be with him. And she’s on the run with their child.

An agent traces her and soon Anna has several dangerous people on her tail. The tension is maintained without

the descriptions of graphic violence that characterise many such novels – but that doesn’t mean heroine Anna

is a pushover.

An engaging read to the last page.

Moscow Sting by Alex Dryden



Our rating: 3/5

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