Book: Nicky & Lou - Nataniël

Rating: 3/5

If you live in the Cape Town area you tend to feel a bit left out if you’re a Nataniël fan. The singer and storyteller doesn’t tour with his big productions and other performances are thin on the ground here in the south.

So it’s great to discover an anthology of sketches from his most recent stage productions.

It’s not a theatre experience but if Nataniël’s dry wit and moving tales excite you, you’ll definitely devour this book. It’s a concert in your head, right there on the couch or under the beach umbrella; you see the characters and hear their voices.

Just read and enjoy.

Nicky & Lou contains 46 previously unpublished stories including Predicting Snow, Men Who Fly, Egg Whites and Angel Food, Coronation, Cathedral and Knowing Your Microwave and Other Magical Moments – 15 in English and 31 in Afrikaans.

It’s escapism at its best – so plonks right in! And that’s a reference you’ll get once you’re done reading. Do it soon.

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