Book: Nigella Lawson - Kitchen

By admin
10 December 2010

Here are nearly 500 pages of sheer Nigella – recipes galore and wonderful food writing. It’s divided into Kitchen Quandaries – feeding hungry kids, no-fuss midweek entertaining – and Kitchen Comforts – indulgent bakes, fancy suppers, etc.

The British TV personality is at her best when concocting sweet treats and offers helpful make-ahead and left-over advice.

However some of the meat entries are frankly offputting – this is a woman who when ordering Chinese spare ribs eats “dem bones” and sends her plate back clean.

Nigella writes like an angel but something about this book doesn’t ring true – do her dizzyingly wealthy family really sit down to leftovers of an evening?

Most disappointing was the photography: dull and samey. If you’re a Nigella nut (like me) you’ll want this book but it won’t be your favourite; if you’re not a fan she’ll annoy you even more.

Kitchen by Nigella Lawson

Chatto & Windus, R455,95

Rating: 3/5

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