Book: Nora Roberts - Savour the moment

By admin
17 September 2010

The series tells the stories of four best girl friends who run a very successful wedding-planning company, each book focusing on one of the women – their work, history, relationships with one another and of course love.

In the first book, Vision in White, we met wedding photographer Mackensie Elliot.

The second, Bed of Roses, focused on florist Emma Grant and in this one we learn all about wedding-cake baker Laurel McBane who just can’t shake the childhood crush she’s had on her best friend Parker’s elder brother.

If you love everything to do with weddings this series is a great read and in this one the reader spends lots of time with Laurel as she bakes the most fascinating cakes.

It’s a scrumptious, sunny, funny and feel-good story fit for any romantic.

Savour the moment by Nora Roberts

Piatkus, R205

Rating: 3/5

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