Book: Phantom - Jo Nesbo

By admin
08 June 2012

Rating: 3/5

Some thrillers are easy to picture on the big screen – and this is definitely one of them.

In fact, director Martin Scorsese is working on an adaptation of Jo Nesbo’s The Snowman in which his character, tough-as-nails former detective, Harry Hole, faces off against a serial killer.

In his latest book Harry returns to Norway when Oleg, the teenage son of his true love, Rakel, is arrested for killing a drug dealer.

The dealer was selling a new drug called Violin that’s been put on the streets by a new mystery criminal mastermind.

Harry, sober after three years in Hong Kong, is determined to find out if Oleg is really guilty and if he isn’t, who is.

The story moves at a rapid pace as he smashes his way into the murky world of drugs, and is told through multiple characters’ points of view.

It could easily have been trimmed by about 100 pages and a few fairly pointless characters but it’s still a gripping read and once again confirms Nesbo’s crime-writing credentials.

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