Book: Philip Kerr - Field Grey

He’s a bit cocky and has a rather unsavoury bunch of “friends” but you can’t help rooting for Bernie Gunther.

This time around – it’s his seventh adventure if you include the earlier Berlin noir-trilogy – the policeman, reluctant SS officer, private eye, refugee and head of security decides to take on the Americans.

He likes them even less than the ­fascists in power in East Germany.

Escaping from Cuba, where he was working at the end of If the Dead Rise Not, he runs into an American navy cruiser while trying to reach Germany.

The Americans find his story far too interesting to simply let him go and Bernie ends up as their guest – first in the US, then back in his homeland.

But Bernie hasn’t survived for so long because of luck and things aren’t going to change now.

As the story evolves you soon realise Field Grey not only refers to the colour of a uniform. It’s the colour of choices to be made.

Field Grey by Philip Kerr

Quercus, R141,95

Rating: 4/5