Book: Philippa Gregory - The Red Queen

By admin
04 March 2011

This tale about Margaret Beaufort, mother ofHenry VII, is an enthralling look at a woman who isn’t traditionally regarded as a central figure in Tudor history.

At the age of 12 she is wed to Edward Tudor. Still a child herself, she bears a son after an excru-ciatingly long labour and medieval midwifery methods that will leave you speechless.

She’s a mother and a widow by the age of 13 and then endures separation from her beloved son for the sake of another political marriage. By her third marriage she certainly knows how to play the game and one of her conditions is that she and her husband are never to have sex.

The political intrigue is, as always with Gregory, fascinating. But Margaret is not an easy person to like. Her religious fervour drains her of any compassion or kindness. It’s not the most enjoyable of the author’s novels but fans of historical fiction will still devour it.

The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory

Simon & Schuster, R180

Rating: 3/5

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