Book: Q - Evan Mandery

By admin
13 July 2012

Picture the scene: you’re helplessly in love and engaged to be married to a beautiful, earthy woman, your soulmate.

Then out of the blue a future version of yourself, your 60-year-old self to be precise, appears and instructs you to break off the engagement.

Preposterous, you think. But when the older you supplies the devastating reason you find you have no choice. And life takes on a whole new turn.

This is the intriguing situation the hero, a New Yorker and aspiring writer, finds himself in. As the novel progresses, various versions of the wordsmith’s self visit him through the medium of time travel, exhorting him to change this and that about himself with the result that his life becomes a topsy-turvy and empty quest for self-improvement.

The chapters devoted to the protagonist’s writing can feel indulgent and the novel feels rushed towards the end but if you can swallow the time-travel premise – and the hero’s slavish obedience to his future selves – you’ll enjoy an engaging and thought-provoking novel with a tearjerker of an ending.

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