Book: Rayda Jacobs - Joonie

Joonie is a young, strong-willed, fun-loving girl from Grassy Park in Cape Town whose life changes when she falls pregnant.

With no money and no clue how to deal with it she finds herself on her way to America where she hopes to find security for herself and her unborn baby.

We take the journey with her as she becomes accustomed to living in a foreign country with an aunt whom she initially adores. She makes friends, gets a job, begins dating and eventually starts feeling at home in the US.

But Joonie’s dream is shattered when those around her become less reliable – she has to deal with her boyfriend’s changing behaviour and his strict Greek mother – and a shocking family secret is uncovered, all as she becomes a mom for the first time.

This offering from the South African author is not her best but it’s an entertaining and absorbing read.

Joonie by Rayda Jacobs

Jacana, R121

Rating: 3/5