Book: Refuge

By admin
11 February 2010

For too many years South African crime fiction was pretty much non-existent.

Fortunately talented authors such as Deon Meyer and Andrew Brown came along and Brown’s latest thriller is sure to get your pulse racing.

Richard is a successful but stressed-out criminal lawyer in Cape Town. While juggling the pressures of a fractured family life and the moral questions raised after years of defending a violent Russian mobster his encounters with a beautiful Nigerian refugee further complicate his precarious situation.

But Richard, drawn to Abayomi like a magnet, can’t stop becoming more involved in her life and he’s pulled into the depths of the corrupt refugee underbelly of the Mother City.

Soon he is face-to-face with terrifying dangers.

Gripping and sublime, this proudly South African tale is recommended for anyone who loves the thrill of a good crime novel.

Refuge, by Andrew Brown

Our rating: 4/5

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