Book: Roger Smith - Wake Up Dead

Cape Town is often called the most beautiful city in the world but anyone who lives there will tell you it’s also one of the most violent, crime-ridden places imaginable.

In this hold-your-breath crime thriller the two sides meet in spectacular fashion.

Ex-model Roxy Palmer makes a split-second decision that takes her from a glamorous life on millionaire row to the city’s dark side – a world of ruthless killers, drug dealers, dirty cops and prison gangs where depravity doesn’t even begin to describe what happens daily.

Enters Billy Afrika, a man desperately trying to escape that world – and he needs Roxy to help him succeed.

The characters are unforgettable: the unfortunately beautiful convict Disco De Lilly, psychopathic prison gang general Piper, an honest but useless cop and his snotty-nosed son, a Ukrainian prostitute, a West African cannibal.

Cape Town-based writer Roger Smith’s taut, fat-free prose never lets up and from page one you simply have to know how these characters’ lives will collide and splinter. A must-read.

Wake Up Dead by Roger Smith

Serpent’s Tail

Rating: 4/5 

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