Book: Sarah Blake - The Postmistress

By admin
22 October 2010

E-mail has mostly replaced letters as our main means of correspondence but in the ’40s, the World War 2 era in which this heartrending novel is set, matters of life and death were conveyed in envelopes that went by post.

The story isn’t only about a postmistress, as the title suggests.

It’s about three very different women and how they’re connected through a letter.

Postmistress Iris James and Emma Fitch both live in Franklin, Massachusetts. Reporter Frankie Bard is in London where she compiles daily bulletins broadcast to America, containing graphic accounts of the chaos the German air raids caused in ordinary lives.

When Emma’s doctor husband leaves for London to help attend to the wounded he sets in motion a series of events that connect the women.

In the end we realise just what kind of impact it has when amessage doesn’t reach its destination.

Keep the tissues close by.

The Postmistress by Sarah Blake

Viking, R200

Rating: 3/5

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