Book: SJ Watson - Before I Go To Sleep

Just the thought of this book is chilling: a woman who forgets almost everything about her life when she wakes up every day. Christine has amnesia that allows her to remember things for only 24 hours.

Each morning her husband, Ben, tells her who he is and presents her with a scrapbook about their lives.

And each day she gets a call from Dr Nash, her psychiatrist Ben doesn’t know about, telling her where to find her journal which is her only way of remembering other important details of her life.

The journal starts with the words, “Don’t trust Ben” but gives no explanation as to why.

Something is very wrong but the reader knows only what Christine knows and she’s obviously an unreliable narrator. It’s also unclear whether she’s being told the truth by either man.

This debut novel is a taut psychological thriller. There’s no gore – the terror lies in the mundane.

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Before I Go To Sleep by SJ Watson

Doubleday, R197

Rating: 4/5