Book: Snuff - Terry Pratchett

By admin
23 February 2012


Pratchett is back with his 39th novel in the hugely popular Discworld series. It centres on Samuel Vimes, the beloved commander of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch, who heads to the country with his domineering wife, Lady Sybil, curious

son, Young Sam, and capable butler, Willikins.

The book has all the staple ingredients of previous offerings – a mystery for Vimes to solve (a grisly murder and possible kidnapping), fantastical and otherworldly creatures (goblins in this case) and plenty of social commentary and satire.

The plot moves at a rapid pace and one of the highlights is an epic showdown aboard a riverboat. But there’s little of the usual comic one-liners and absurdity fans have come to expect.

If you’re not a Pratchett-phile rather start at the beginning of the series and work your way towards this one.

It’s not bad, just not Pratchett at his best.

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