Book: Sophie Hannah - Lasting Damage

By admin
01 July 2011

This multi-stranded suspense thriller is like a series of Chinese boxes: open one and there’s another inside; and inside that, another. Nothing is what it seems.

The nightmare starts when Connie Bowskill, unable to sleep, logs on to a property website and takes a virtual tour of a house. In the living room she sees a woman lying face down in a pool of blood.

Horrified, she wakes her husband, Kit, who reluctantly checks the site and sees nothing but an unsullied beige carpet in a pristine room.

Is Connie having hallucinations? Or is Kit trying to discredit her – and if so, why?

Determined to prove her sanity, Connie reports what she’s seen to the police, who are polite but sceptical. Her story gains credence when another woman reports having seen the same scene at the same time.

The action is interrupted by occasional inserts of primary school bulletins and no clue is given to their relevance. But be warned: police sleuthing uncovers chillingly sick, cold-blooded murders.

Lasting Damage by Sophie Hannah

Hodder & Stoughton, R180

Rating: 4/5

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