Book: Stephen King - Blockade Billy

This novella tells the story of William Blakely(Billy) who is picked to play for the New Jersey Titans, an American baseball team desperately in need of a starting catcher.

Against all expectations he excels, blocking the plate with such fearlessness he earns the nickname Blockade Billy.

But Billy is hiding a terrible secret that will eventually lead to all details of his brief career being struck from the history of professional baseball.

Baseball fans will probably love this story but if you don’t share Stephen King’s passion for this game then rather avoid it.

For me, the bonus short story included in this slim volume, Morality, was much better.

It tells the tale of what happens when a retired preacher who inherited millions pays the nurse caring for him after a stroke to sin on his behalf.

The consequences – for all concerned – are horrifying.

Blockade Billy by Stephen King

Hodder & Stoughton, R150