Book: Stephen King - Full dark, no stars

By admin
14 January 2011

The master of horror serves up plenty of surprises in this new collection of four novellas.

The first, 1922, is the most gripping of the lot. Wilfred Leland James, a farmer in Nebraska, murders his wife with the help of his 14-year-old son and dumps her body in a rat-infested well. The consequences are far-reaching and monstrous.

In Big Driver mystery writer Tess is brutally attacked when she takes a shortcut driving home. She swears to get even – and does!

Fair Extension revolves around a cancer patient who makes a deal with a mysterious Mr Elvid for a life extension and discovers there’s a heavy price to pay.

In A Good Marriage Darcy Anderson realises her husband of 20 years isn’t such a good guy when she finds a box in their garage.

As the title suggests the tales are dark and twisted. King fans will love them.

Full dark, no stars by Stephen King

Hodder & Stoughton, R180

Rating: 4/5

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