Book: Steve Harvey - Straight talk, no chaser

By admin
17 August 2011

In the follow-up to his 2009 bestseller Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, actor and comedian Steve Harvey serves up more straight-talking (and usually hilarious) relationship advice aimed at women.

One of the most interesting sections charts the course of a relationship in terms of a man’s personal development.

The sequence of phases men go through in identifiying and re-identifying themselves is one my partner and I could relate to, although the book perhaps too closely ties various phases to specific age groups.

Filled with practical advice (including a three-tier “CIA-style” guide to getting the truth out of your man and tips on how to communicate with each other effectively and resolve disagreements constructively), this is generally a humorous, interesting, informative read.

But ladies, be warned: if your guy reads it and buys into “development by the decade” as outlined, it could stunt his personal growth for years.

With Steve’s words to back him up, he could easily be in his forties before he’s good husband material.



Rating: 3/5

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