Book: Susan Hill - The Small Hand

By admin
08 April 2011

The plot is quite simple really: an antiquarian bookseller gets lost in the wilds of England just as the sun is setting.

He stumbles upon a derelict Edwardian stately home and as he stands before the entrance feels the cold, small hand of an invisible child slip into his own.

It’s a ghost story in other words. And as in most stories of this kind the true nature and intent of the invisible entity is revealed gradually through a series of dramatic events, each of which does its bit to escalate the tension.

Also, as is typical in most ghost stories, many of the events are set in eerie, evocative places: a cliff top during a thunderstorm, a monastery and the ruins of a great garden where age-old landmarks no longer in existence seem to loom out of the past.

A gem of a novel told in the beautiful, restrained prose of Victorian-era writing – which of course makes it all the scarier.

The Small Hand by Susan Hill

Profile Books, R145

Rating: 5/5

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