Book: The Doors - A Lifetime of Listening to Five Mean Years by Greil Marcus

By admin
05 April 2011

Greil Marcus has been writing about rock music for more than 40 years and is best known for his classic Mystery Train (1975). His style is a mixture of stream-of-consciousness raving, academic discourse, critical analysis and insightful reporting. 

This book isn’t so much about iconic ’60s group The Doors as it is about the myriad thoughts, emotions and memories listening to their music has evoked in the writer, described in the context of the band’s cultural and historical significance.

Thus the Manson murders, pop art, the Woodstock Festival and the Vietnam War, among other things, come into play as Marcus gives free rein to his energetic, relentlessly searching thought process.

His intense writing style might be too much for some but on the whole this is fascinating reading.

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