Book: The Institute for Taxi Poetry - Imraan Coovadia

By admin
06 June 2012

Solly Greenfields is dead. The renowned taxi poet was murdered in his Cape Town home, leaving behind a demented ginger cat named Marmalade.

Enter his understudy and longtime friend, Adam Ravens, through whose acute, quirky observations we’re introduced to the world of taxi poetry; its powerful sponsors, the taxi bosses; academic masters at the Jose da Silva Perreira Institute for Transport Poetry; spoilt, celebrated poets; and uncompromising student poets.

Then there’s also Adam’s son, the beautiful young Zebulon, generous to everyone but his father – until he has a gun to get rid of.

Coovadia’s fourth novel delightfully distils yet another slice of SA life, giving it an air of tongue-in-cheek creative nonsense despite the underlying pathos.

The characters are unmistakably homegrown, spouting local and global politics as they go about their daily life. It’s a slim book (219 pages) but not necessarily a quick read, although it’s rendered in prose that comes close to being poetry itself.

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