Book: the Method - Juli Zeh

By admin
20 September 2012

German author Juli Zeh conjures up a dystopian world that’s both plausible and chilling

The Method is a new world order in the mid-21st century that monitors all health and behaviour. As a result almost nobody gets sick.

But the price is individual freedom – everyone is constantly under surveillance, public areas are disinfected, household sewage is tested and monthly sleep records are sent to authorities. Drinking coffee or alcohol results in a fine and lovers who aren’t “immunologically compatible” face the death sentence. Harsh, but it’s accepted because this is what’s needed to be healthy and safe.

But law-abiding scientist Mia Holl questions whether the system is flawed after her brother is found guilty of rape and murder, and commits suicide. She’s adamant he wouldn’t have done something so vile but her search for the truth and refusal to follow The Method draws the state’s attention and she’s charged with subversion.

. This is a compelling read that raises valid questions about current obsessions with health and surveillance.

- Natalie Cavernelis

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