Book: The Southern African What Flower Is That? - Kristo Pienaar & Gideon F Smit

By admin
02 December 2011

Rating: 4/5

I have one of the earlier editions of this beautiful book and it’s positively falling apart because it’s been used so much over the years. So I’m glad a fourth edition is now available!

Fifteen years after the death of garden guru Kristo Pienaar, Gideon F Smith has completely revised and updated the book. Gideon is chief director of research at the South African National Biodiversity Institute and a succulent expert, among other things.

What Flower Is That? remains one of the most useful reference books around.

At the back are indexes of common and scientific names. I was recently given a shrub by someone who was moving and all I knew was that it was a “heavenly bamboo”. The guide tells me it’s a nandina and that it should be planted in full sunlight.

About 1 600 annuals, perennials, shrubs, trees and climbers occur in southern Africa and most can be identified in this handy guide by means of beautiful, full-colour photographs.

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