Book: Theodore Boone: The Abduction - John Grisham

Rating: 3/5 

Bestselling author John Grisham serves up more drama in this second instalment in his Theodore Boone series, which is aimed at teenagers.

When Theo’s friend April goes missing the teen legal eagle, who knows her better than anyone else, is determined to unravel the mystery. While the police are getting nowhere he refuses to give up and uses his knowledge of the legal system to find her and bring her home safely.

What I liked about this novel is that it has few characters which allows Grisham to really flesh out his main players and bring them to life.

Although the book isn’t violent I would still recommend it only for kids who are 13 and older because the legal aspects of the book would probably be lost on a younger audience. And the really nice thing is you needn’t have read the first in the series to be able to follow the action.

Fast-paced and full of unexpected twists, the Boone series seems set to be a big hit, making Grisham as popular with teens as he is with adults.

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