Book: Time of my life - Cecelia Ahern

By admin
09 January 2012

Rating: 3/5

Lucy Silchester’s life is a disaster. She hates her job so much she pretends to be a smoker so she can take extra breaks and somehow she can’t quite bring herself to tell her family the truth about why she and her boyfriend broke up.

Then one day she receives a strange invitation summoning her to meet with her life.

When she does she’s shocked to see he looks distinctly unwell and not nearly as handsome as she’d hoped. He represents the chaotic, unhappy state of her world and he needs her to start taking notice of him and make a few changes.

The one thing he’s adamant about is she must stop telling lies.

Life moves in, goes to work with her and the deal is every time she lies, he exposes a truth about her – from how often she really washes her bras to revealing fibs she told on her CV.

Lucy is not very likeable. Often you want to reach into the book and shake some sense into her, nevertheless it’s an interesting idea and an easy, funny read.

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