Book: Trackers - Deon Meyer

Rating: 3/5

South Africa’s master crime writer is back with a new offering and this one is very different to what he’s served up in the past.

Trackers is broken into three distinct threads and features two well-known characters from Meyer’s previous novels – Mat Joubert from Dead Before Dying, who’s now a private detective, and Lemmer, the tough-as-nails bodyguard we got to know in Blood Safari – in a nailbiting race against the clock in a murder mystery that stretches from Zimbab-we to Cape Town’s Waterfront.

Also thrown into the mix is Milla Strachan, a downtrodden housewife who escapes her loveless marriage and gets more than she bargained for when she takes a job as a report writer at a secretive government agency.

There’s a lot going on, including rhino smuggling, Muslim extremism, gangsterism and a sizzling romance, but Meyer deftly juggles all the themes and delivers a thrilling finale.

Although not quite as brilliant as his award-winning Thirteen Hours, it’s a highly entertaining read and fans will devour every word.

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