Book: Victims - Jonathan Kellerman

Rating: 4/5

No one does a psychological crime thriller better than Jonathan Kellerman and he proves it again in this novel, his 27th featuring sleuthing psychologist Alex Delaware.

When seasoned LAPD detective Milo Sturgis appears shaken to the core at a crime scene, Alex knows things are bad. But nothing can prepare him for the gruesome sight of a butchered Vita Berlin.

Yes, no one liked her and she was known as an acid-tongued misery who didn’t have a good word to say about anyone, including children, but no one deserves to die this way.

The only clue they have to go on is a pizza box bearing a question mark.

As Alex and Milo begin their hunt for the killer he or she seems to taunt them, luring them with more copycat killings.

Even Alex, with his finely honed skills and years of experience solving murder cases, is stumped when he can’t find any links between the victims.

This is probably Kellerman’s darkest thriller yet as he delves into the sick fantasies of a crazed murderer.

Newcomers to his books will be able to dive in and follow the action, though sensitive readers should be aware he really lays on the gore in this one.

His legion of fans however will lap it up. It’s classic Kellerman – fast-paced, intelligent and with intermittent bouts of dry humour to lift the heavy subject matter.

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