Book written in 2002 predicted Boston bombings

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17 April 2013

A novel written in 2002 predicted the Boston bombings that brought the city’s annual marathon to a standstill on Monday.

In 2002 Tom Lonergan wrote a book called Heartbreak Hill. Subtitled The Boston Marathon Thriller, the novel was about a terrorist plot to set off a series of bombs during the race, killing and wounding spectators and runners, The Huffington Post reported.

When Lonergan learned of the real bombing, he told The Huffington Post via e-mail on Tuesday, "I had an instant, visceral reaction to the events, 'Oh my God, just as I predicted.' "

In his self-published novel, right-wing American extremists threaten to explode a series of bombs along the marathon route, only to be foiled by a homicide detective. Lonergan had the idea for the plot while running the 100th Boston Marathon in 1996, during which he “feared a bomb would be triggered at any time that day".

Lonergan said he wouldn’t withdraw his book from sale. Heartbreak Hill, he said, "represents my finest feelings for the marathon, the city of Boston and the sport of running".

He said the bombing is especially troubling because "I could not help feeling as I saw the news reports on Monday that someone, somehow may have been inspired by my fiction".

-Huffington Post

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