Boy (10) left brain damaged after termite fumigation

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08 September 2015

After his house was treated against termites Peyton McCaughey was unable to eat without help. He also suffered from uncontrollable muscle spasms.

Two days after their house in Palm City, Florida, was treated against termites Peyton, his mom, Lori, dad, Carl, and sister moved back in because they’d been told it was now safe to do so. But that night they all began to vomit.

The rest of the family slowly recovered but Peyton’s condition steadily worsened. He suffered muscular spasms and had difficulty moving and speaking.

Peyton was taken to hospital and from there to an institution. He had suffered possibly irreversible brain damage, according to doctors.

He has suffered traumatic brain damage and a loss of motor skills, Bill Williams, the McCaugheys’ lawyer told CNN.

The McCaughleys have created a GoFundMe web page to raise money to help pay Peyton’s doctors’ accounts.

They say they’re overwhelmed by the support they’ve received. In just three days they raised more than $400 000 (R5, 5million) of their target R1 million.

According to the McCaughleys, Terminix is responsible for Peyton’s condition but so far the company has failed to respond to their questions.

Sources:, Daily Mail

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