Boy (5) “meets Jesus in his dreams”

By admin
21 October 2011

Watching him playing on the lawn with his friends he looks like any other five-year-old. But then he comes inside and starts to say things that have convinced his parents he’s a messenger of God.

He talks about Jesus who has come to fetch him six times at night, taken him through a tunnel up into the clouds and through a gate to heaven and then to hell.

At the age of three little Hugo Basson drew people’s attention when he got up on a bench in the garden and said, “Listen to Jesus. Don’t run away.”

Now, two years later, he’s like a Biblical figure warning people the world the end is near.

“People must listen to God if they want Him to come and fetch them; if they don’t want to burn in hell,” he says.

YOU’s Carol Coetzee chatted to Hugo and his parents, Hugo and Adele, at their home in Kamma Park, Port Elizabeth. Read more in YOU 27 October 2011.

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