Boy suffers horrific injuries after pool filter freak accident

By Kim Abrahams
07 June 2017

The boy and his friends are believed to have lifted the lids from filters to sit on them.

A teenager required an emergency operation after his intestines were sucked out by a pool filter.

The unknown 14-year-old boy was swimming with his friends at a private pool facility in Carpesa, Valencia in Spain, when the incident occurred last week Friday around 9.30 pm.

“He was only under the water and trapped for seconds until the purifier was turned off but it seemed like hours,” a witness told Spanish newspaper, Levante.

The boy and his friends stayed behind after a swimming lesson and are believed to have lifted the lids from filters to sit on them.

But the game went horribly wrong and the boy was unable to free himself due to the strong suction.

According to the Europa Press Information and Emergency Coordination the boy suffered a bowel rupture and his injuries were so severe, he required a four-hour operation.

A trainer, who was on duty, is believed to have jumped into the pool to save the boy’s life while ordering the machine be put off immediately.

Other bystanders also dived in to breathe oxygen into the boy’s lungs.

He was rushed to the La Fe hospital and is reportedly in the intensive care unit but out of danger.


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