Boy's lucky escape after being sucked into escalator

By Petrus Malherbe
12 January 2016

A little boy of Kaili City in the southwest of China’s Guizhou province had a narrow escape when he was sucked into escalator, leaving him trapped.

The child was reportedly playing alongside the escalator in a shopping centre without any parental supervision. Video footage of the incident shows him running his hand over the moving rubber handrail when he gets stuck – and dragged downwards.

Fortunately a woman saw he was in trouble and raced over to help, grabbing him and holding him tight so that he wouldn't be pulled further into the machine.

A quick thinking passer-by pressed the emergency button and the escalator stopped immediately, enabling other passers-by to free the child. Other than being in a state of shock, he was unharmed.

The incident is the latest in a series of escalator-related incidents in China over the past year. In July last year a woman was sucked in by an escalator and killed and a month later a cleaner lost a leg after being trapped by an escalator.

Sources:; China Xinhau News

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