Brace yourself – more Stikeez are coming!

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24 October 2016

This time, they're sea monsters!

Be honest -- you still have those adorable suction-cupped toys stuck to various surfaces in your home.

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And now you can add some more! Yay!

Following the success of their first Stikeez campaign, Pick 'n Pay has just revealed they're bringing a whole new cast of teeny tiny plastic characters to their tills.

Stikeez2 logo

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And this time, they're monsters of the deep!

As per their last campaign, shoppers will get a Stikee for every R150 they spend, from Monday 24 October.


Earlier this month, the retailer announced a 23.1 percent improvement in profit in six months, eNCA reports, largely due to the “successful Stickeez campaign”.

This follows hot on the heels of the supermarket chain's own Super Animals cards, and Checkers' wildly popular Little Shop.

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