Brad Pitt 'splashed the cash on Château'

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17 June 2015

Brad Pitt has reportedly gone "way over budget" with the renovations at his French chateau.

The 51-year-old actor and his wife Angelina Jolie bought Château Miraval for an estimated £35 million (R682 million) in 2012, having leased the property beforehand. They then set about updating it, but it's been claimed the Hollywood hunk has ended up paying a lot more than he initially thought.

"I'm told it's cost Brad far more than he initially estimated and has gone way over budget, which is why the family don't fly private when they're the ones who are paying," Jameson Farn, who is a neighbour and owns a tourism company, told British magazine Hello!

'Miraval is the size of a small village'
"Perhaps it sounds strange to some people, but both Brad and Angelina are uncomfortable with the idea of splurging thousands on a private jet when they can fly commercial for much less. The kids love it and see it as an adventure." The comment comes after the couple were pictured on an economy flight from Paris to Nice this month.

Although they might have splashed more cash than they initially planned to, apparently the expense has been completely worth it.

"I have friends in the French wine business who've been over there who say it's absolutely breathtaking," Jameson added. "There's a very unassuming metal gate and once security has opened it, you drive up a two-mile long driveway dotted with olive trees. There are fountains and an ornamental lawn with Shetland ponies for the kids and a large pond with koi carp. Now that the main building is finished, it must be a huge relief for them to finally have some space."

Brad, Angelina and their six children are spending the summer at their French mansion, which they apparently see as their retreat. It's so big they don't even need to leave that much, which is apparently just the way they like it.

"Brad has lots of toys, thinks like special telescopes for looking at the stars at night, and once they're there they rarely venture out," an insider told the publication.

"Miraval is the size of a small village and they have everything they could possibly want to keep them and the kids entertained. Paparazzi can't get anywhere near and that's probably the biggest luxury of all."

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