Brangelina: splitsville after five years

By admin
29 January 2010

For five years it was all about the Brangelina brand this, the Brangelina brood that... and now it’s all over. At least that’s the way it seems after the announcement that BRAD PITT and ANGELINA JOLIE had sought divorce lawyers to thrash out a settlement for when - not if - they part. Tellingly no one in either Brad or Angie’s camps is confirming or denying any of it.

Already the split of a couple who never made it down the aisle is being called the divorce of the century - dividing their assets will involve carving up large numbers - although the welfare of the kids seems to have already been decided: custody of Maddox (8), Pax (6), Zahara (5), Shiloh (3) and twins Knox and Vivienne (18 months), will be shared between their parents, although they’ll live full-time with Angelina.

We’ve been enthralled ever since they met on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith, furiously denying they were in love because Brad was still married to Jennifer Aniston.

Now rumours are rife Brad will return to Jennifer who, soon after their divorce, declared she still “really, really loves Brad”. Nothing would make Brad’s family happier. His brother, Doug, has been urging him to leave Angie and his mom, Jane - although she likes Angelina - has always preferred Jen and remains close to her.

The writing has been on the wall for Brad and Angie for a while. Most of last year rumours that flew the pair were heading for splitsville as they were rarely seen in public together. The Cannes Film Festival was an exception and they put on an impressive display of unity.

But as a body language expert predicted at the time it was all a sham. “Angie and Brad rehearse their outings,” another close source says. “It’s a big production.”

“The truth is they’re hardly together,” the source says. “They sleep in separate rooms. Most of the time he’s in the lounge, drinking beer and texting non-stop while she’s alone in her bedroom.”

In the beginning they couldn’t get enough of each other but unbridled lust usually has a limited life span, the source adds. “It can last only so long, then you need more in common.”

“The star system is in its death throes,” a celebrity writer says. “These days the big-money movies star their special effects - think Avatar - and the smaller movies that make it big tend to feature unknowns. There are fewer vehicles for the stars these days and if we don’t have stars we don’t have Hollywood glamour couples with conjoined names.”

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