Brangelina's brood are happier now mom and dad are married

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19 October 2014

Brad Pitt's kids like the fact their parents are now married.

Brad Pitt's kids like the fact their parents are now married. The handsome Hollywood star wed long-term partner Angelina Jolie in a private ceremony in August, with little fanfare surrounding the French wedding. They were joined by their brood of six, with the kids even getting involved in decorating Angelina's veil with fun doodles.

'We did it for the right reasons'

"They like it," Brad smiled when People magazine asked if the children were happy their mom and dad married. "They like it."

Another thing one of his children likes is the subject matter of Brad's latest movie, Fury. Set against the backdrop of World War II, the film depicts the horrors of violent conflict without shying away from the gruesome nature of battles.

Oldest son Maddox, 13, is particularly interested in this era, but Brad is careful about how the teenager processes violent imagery.

“He’s a World War II buff,” he revealed to Associated Press.

“My father would take us to the drive-in as very young kids and we’d see Clint Eastwood movies and Kung Fu movies.

"The world is a beautiful place, but it’s also a very violent place. We talk about it afterwards, so I’m not so opposed.”

Brad's relationship with Angelina began in 2005, and they enjoyed a two-year engagement before tying the knot. His close friend George Clooney also recently got hitched to British lawyer Amal Alamuddin, and the 50-year-old star laughed off rumours the two men had made a pact to both get married.

“We did it for the right reasons," he grinned.

While Brad may be busy promoting his new flick, he did make time for a dance off with TV host Jimmy Fallon.

They starred in a comedy sketch for Jimmy's show, showing off some slick break dancing skills as they battled it out in an empty warehouse.

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