Bredasdorp mom died after taking 'Liquid G' to spice up her sex life, hubby claims

By Pam Magwaza
20 July 2017

"We decided together as a couple to use it‚ it wasn’t my idea alone or her idea alone."

On the morning of 13 July, Idali van Zyl (39) was found dead on her bathroom floor in Bredasdorp, Western Cape – and her husband, Freddie (38) believes it’s because she took the drug Liquid G in the hope of having better sex.

Freddie told TimesLive Times Live, that on the night of the 'accident' he and Idali had had too much to drink and decided to experiment with the ‘date-rape’ drug. They’d been wanted to give it for a while, he added.

“About six or seven months ago we were braaiing with friends and we were talking around the fire about what you can do to spice up your sex life."

“Idali mentioned in her younger days she used to take this drug and three months later friends of ours went to Cape Town and brought some back for us.”

Freddie said the friends, who had tried the drug, warned them to stick to 4ml each.

"We decided as a couple to use it together.”

They opened two bottles of wine, he says – red for him and white for her.

"She normally drinks half a bottle of wine but later that evening she asked me to open another bottle.”

They then took the Liquid G, expecting to feel a sense of euphoria – instead things took a disastrous turn.

"Instead of feeling high, I passed out and cut myself on a wine bottle in the process. I lost about four litres of blood,” Freddie says.

When he regained consciousness he found his wife dead on the bathroom floor.

"A pathologist’s report indicated she choked on her vomit."

Police have ruled out foul play. The couple’s kids, aged nine and five, were not home on that fateful night.

“All we wanted was good sex,” Freddie said. “Now my wife is dead.”

Sources: Times Live, Sowetan Live, Netwerk 24

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