Bride-to-be tells groom: 'It's me or your mother'

By Mieke Vlok
07 March 2017

All this the night before their R4,5 million wedding...

A wedding costing a whopping R4,5 million was cancelled after the families of the bride and groom got into a huge fight the night before the wedding. And the expensive disagreement has now resulted in a court case!

Amy Bzura and Brad Moss were about to the knot in October last year in a swanky $350 000 (R4,5 million) affair in New York when things went awry the night before, with Amy telling Brad to choose between her or his mother, reports the New York Post.

The trouble apparently started when the bride’s brother wanted to make a speech at the couple’s rehearsal dinner the night before their big day. Brad’s parents, however, didn’t want Amy’s brother speaking at the event. The tension between the two families escalated and ended up in fists flying as Brad’s brother took on Amy’s brother.

The night ended in “shouting and tears” – and the wedding being cancelled. Brad ended up suing his former fiancé for the engagement ring worth $125 000 (R1,6 million) which he had given her.

Brad’s father also threatened to kick him out of the family business if he continued to have a relationship with Amy. The locks on their Manhattan apartment were changed so that Amy couldn’t gain access and now Amy’s parents are suing Brad’s parents for the cost of the wedding.

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Court papers filed in February state that Amy’s parents believe they must be compensated for the cancelled wedding because Brad’s parents had initially agreed to pay for half of the wedding and hadn’t yet coughed up.

“He promised to pay his share, and now he won’t pay a penny,” the court documents read.

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