Brides put nearly 10 times more hours into wedding planning than grooms

23 May 2017

Men only give 33 hours to wedding planning, with brides dedicating a whopping 300 hours.

For any brides-to-be fearing their grooms aren’t putting enough time and effort into their nuptials, don’t worry - you’re not alone.

A new survey has found that men only give 33 hours to wedding planning, with brides dedicating a whopping 300 hours.

As Pippa Middleton walked down the aisle on Saturday, the world was gripped with wedding fever. And while she’s not mentioned if her new husband, hedge fund manager James Matthews, helped her plan their $1.3 million (R 17, 2 million) lavish ceremony, her mother Carol, owner of party suppliers Party Pieces, no doubt did have a say.

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In the new poll by retailer JD Williams, it was found that mothers of the bride give up 50 hours of their time to help plan their daughter's weddings. Mother-in-laws weren’t far behind, ploughing 46 hours on average into their son’s big day.

“It’s heart-warming to see how much time the mothers of both the bride and groom are dedicating to wedding planning for their offspring, but it is fascinating to see how much this dwarfs the time spent preparing by the groom,” JD Williams’ e-commerce manager Emma Warrington shared.

“This could be in part down to the fact that parents are still investing financially in the big day and therefore like to be involved in decision making, but also it could be a sign that brides are leaning on their own mums and mothers-in-law for support as it's likely they have already been through the wedding planning process before – either way, it's great to see the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom are still very much an important part of the process.”

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On average the groom's parents pay $7,478 (R99 300) towards the wedding while the bride's family contribute $16,630 (R221 000) to help fund the big day.

If your groom-to-be is slacking on the planning front, don’t let it get to you. You’ll know what you want for your I Dos so instead of asking for his input, delegate jobs to him, like phoning suppliers or haggling for the best price on items. While some stress leading up to your wedding is unavoidable, it’s better to talk calmly about how you need help rather than working yourself up about your partner’s contribution.

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