Brilliant life-hack shows how to open cans without a can opener

By admin
27 November 2015

This will come in handy if you forget to pack the can opener on your next camping trip – or if that Zombie apocalypse ever hits.

With this method by Taras Kulakov, also known as Crazy Russian Hacker, all you'll need to get that can of baked beans or tomato spaghetti open is a flat rock or concrete block (which is more likely to be readily available in both circumstances).

In his YouTube video, heavily-accented Taras explains how all you'll need to do is rub the lid vigorously on the concrete surface. Eventually the edges should start to break meaning the lid will be easily popped off when you give the sides a squeeze. Be careful not to scrape your fingers on the sharp edges though!

And voilà! As the YouTuber helpfully points out, not only will you survive, but your cat will too.

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