Bring on the babies! Simon Cowell wants more kids

By admin
08 April 2014

Westlife singer Kian Egan claimed that Simon Cowell has told him he already wants more children, despite his girlfriend Lauren Silverman only giving birth to their first son Eric in February.

Simon Cowell already wants another child, according to Kian Egan. The new father - whose partner Lauren Silverman gave birth to his first son Eric in February - apparently told the Westlife singer he was keen to add to his growing family. Kian told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper: "Simon seemed pretty excited and he told me he wanted to have another child fast."

‘ I told him to wait until he has a baby and wait until that baby starts having its own personality’

"The thing about Simon is, it all come as a surprise. Even when he got his dogs he didn't realise how much he would love them. I told him to wait until he has a baby and wait until that baby starts having its own personality then he's in a different place all together."

The singer also claimed the X Factor boss will "stop working as much" once life as a parent sinks in.

He explained: "I think we will see a much softer side to Simon over the next few years. I think he will stop working as much and pull back."

Meanwhile, Simon has admitted his priorities have changed, with his baby boy giving him a fresh outlook on life. He recently said: "I really, really am [happy]. I seem to come out of what I call a coma, which was just so work-focused. "

"I can appreciate it now and enjoy it and have another side to my life, which I've never had before ... I think you can get very competitive. Everything in this business is about ratings and success. But it can take over your life a bit. It's still important to me, but it's not like it used to be. I suppose having a baby gives everything a purpose."

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