Britain's 'fattest man' dies – just a month after he vowed to turn his life around

By Petro-Anne Vlok
22 June 2015

About a month after he vowed to shed weight, Britain’s fattest man died aged just 33. Carl Thompson, whose size started to balloon after the death of his mother, weighed 413 kg at the time of his death. His body was found in his Dover home.

Due to his size Thompson wasn’t able to leave his house and was depended on carers from Britain’s National Health Service to wash and feed him the Chinese takeaways and pizzas he ordered daily.

But he was inspired to turn his live around after a number of media interviews lead to an outpouring of sympathy from the public. Sadly, he died a month later. The exact cause of death hasn’t been confirmed, but it isn’t being treated as suspicious.

Thompson admitted that he loved eating, even as a child, but it was following the death of his mother from a brain tumour in 2012 that things spiralled out of control. His weight quickly went from 190 kg to 413 kg.


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