Britain's youngest lotto winner comes up with insane list of 20 rules for her boyfriend's vacation

By admin
31 August 2016

#12 is particularly eloquent.

Just 20.

To ensure that there would be no funny business while her boyfriend Connor was on vacation with his friends, Jane Park (21) drew up a list of 20 rules for him to follow.

"No speaking to girls," reads one of the "insane" rules.

"No drugs -- I will [require] pee sample you upon return," reads another.

"No tattoos. I will even check ur willy. Unless it’s my name don’t bother".

rules 1
rules 2
Jane, who also happens to be Britain's youngest lotto winner -- she picked up the £1 million (R19 million) jackpot back in 2012 -- shared the list on her Facebook and Twitter. "Psycho Jane at it again," she captioned the outrageous post.
rules 3
"away to ibiza in 6 days n the misses comes up with this. psycho or psycho?" he asked his 1200 followers.

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