British public backs ‘Diana’ for royal baby name

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30 May 2013

The British public think William and Catherine should name their baby Diana if it's a girl, after the late Princess of Wales.

The British public want Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, to name their baby Diana.

The royal couple ? who are expecting their first child in July ? should name their child after the prince's late mother, Diana Princess of Wales, if it's a girl, according to a new poll.

In a survey conducted by Baby TV, Diana proved the most popular girl's name for the royal baby with 27,5 per cent of respondents voting for it.

Just under one-fifth (18 per cent) of the 1 500 parents quizzed felt William (30) and Catherine (31) should name their baby after his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, but voters were less eager on naming the tot after its mother as the name Catherine totalled just four per cent of votes.

Meanwhile, Philip was the most popular boy's name with 25 per cent of the vote, beating William and Charles.

Name expert Laura Wattenberg said, "The royal family is the pinnacle of traditional naming, but Will and Kate are still contemporary parents. Their choice may be a balancing act between family and fashion. Today, even parents who prefer traditional names also pay attention to style."

William's mother, the late Princess Diana, died in a car crash in 1997.

Most popular girls' names for the royal baby:

Diana ? 27,52%

Elizabeth ? 18,35%

Catherine ? 3,67%

Other ? 50,46%

Most popular boys' names for the royal baby:

Philip ? 24,77%

William ? 7,34%

Charles ? 7,34%

Other ? 60,55%

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