British tourist attacked by elephant in Kruger National Park is released from hospital

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08 January 2014

The British tourist who survived an elephant attack in the Kruger National Park (KNP) on December 30 has been discharged from hospital, Medi-Clinic said.

Medi-Clinic Nelspruit spokeswoman Robyn Baard confirmed that Sarah Brooks was discharged from hospital on Monday.

Brooks and her travelling companion, Jan de Klerk, made headlines last week when they were attacked in their car by an elephant in musth at a waterhole.

De Klerk is originally from Pretoria, but now lives in Spalding in the UK. Brooks, a teacher, also lives in Spalding.

It was not known when they would return to the UK.

KNP spokesman William Mabasa said the elephant was walking in front of the car while Brooks and De Klerk filmed it from behind.

"The elephant suddenly stopped, turned around and rapidly walked towards the vehicle, which was stationary at that time.

"It charged at them, attacked the vehicle and flipped it over, off the road into the thick bushes," Mabasa said in a statement.

Brooks's thigh was pierced by a tusk. When she was stabilised, she was flown to Medi-Clinic.

The elephant was shot dead to prevent it from hurting anyone else.

It was found that the animal was not only in must, but had also suffered a recent injury, which contributed to its aggressiveness.

-          Sapa


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