Britney Spears' ex shot dead in Afghanistan

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19 January 2015

Britney Spears is reportedly “devastated” over the death of her former lover.

The 33-year-old pop star dated John Sundahl in the past, who recently lost his life at the age of 44 while flying a helicopter in Kabul, Afghanistan.

'John was on a journey from Kabul when he was shot at and killed'

It’s claimed he was shot down by the Taliban while doing his job as a private contractor transporting officials around the country, which has been savaged by war for years.

Apparently Britney is having a hard time processing John’s demise.

“She is devastated. Britney thought he was a lovely man,” a source told UK newspaper The Mirror.

Britney and John dated in 2007 after meeting in an Alcoholic Anonymous meeting. This period coincided with Britney’s public meltdown in which she shaved her head and was admitted for treatment in various rehabilitative and psychiatric centres.

John supposedly helped Britney quit drinking alcohol and it’s also speculated they reignited their romance in the summer of 2014.

John’s brother Karl believes Britney might be mourning heavily at this time, as they were still close when he passed.

“John was on a journey from Kabul when he was shot at and killed. We were told by the State that John had died, they told us the Taliban did it. This is just awful. My family are heartbroken, my parents are elderly so this is very tough for them, and all of us,” Karl said to The Mirror.

“We know Britney’s upset too. John was still good friends with Britney, he talked to her regularly. They dated for a while but always kept in touch afterwards.”

Britney is now in a happy relationship with Charlie Ebersol. They’ve been together for around four months and have celebrated her birthday on December 2 together, as well as Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.

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