Broke & unwanted

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11 February 2011

Late for his court hearing again. A grieving mother who tries to attack him. An angry crowd baying for his blood. It’s the latest dramatic episode in the life of a man who was once a hot-ticket hip-hop star.

A former girlfriend calls it karma – payback for things he’s done in the past. And there’s more toMolemo ‘‘Jub Jub’’ Maarohanye’s woes: he has so much debt he can’t pay his clothing accounts, he was kicked out of SA’s premier gospel awards ceremony, his record sales are almost zero and he’s gone from being a sell-out star to an almost unbookable has-been.

Jub Jub and his friend Themba Tshabalala face murder charges arising from the death of four schoolboys they allegedly hit while racing their Minis on a public road in Soweto in March last year. Two other boys were seriously injured.

Jub Jub has been out of the limelight since then, reduced to serving as a cheerleader of sorts to his pop-star girlfriend, Kelly Khumalo. He used to be a top attraction at music festivals, commanding up to R40 000 a gig, but since his fall from grace no one wants to book him.

His album sales have all but ground to a halt. His 2008 smash hit album, My Shine, reached platinum status. The follow-up, Fresh Air, released in 2009 by his own record label, Rare Breed Entertainment, didn’t achieve the same success. Rare Breed Entertainment is still operating but sources say business is slow and Jub Jub has no plans to release new material.

An ex-girlfriend says Jub Jub can’t stay faithful to one woman at a time and ‘‘deserves what he’s getting’’.

He and Themba Tshabalala are due back in court on 17 March.

Read more about the controversial Jub Jub in YOU, 17 February 2011.

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