Bruce Jenner speaks in new promo

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15 April 2015

Bruce Jenner can be heard speaking in the new promo for his Diane Sawyer interview.

The much-anticipated interview, expected to focus on Bruce’s reported transition into a woman, is set to air on April 24.

And new footage from the intimate chat has been revealed, showing the 65-year-old Olympian hinting at what will be covered.

'My whole life has been getting me ready for this'

In the 15-second clip, Bruce is seen walking along and talking to news veteran Diane, and saying: “My whole life has been getting me ready for this.”

Other than Bruce’s quote, the promo does little to reveal any further details about the context of the conversation.

However, a voiceover does promise fans: “Bruce Jenner, the interview: the journey, the decisions, the future, the Diane Sawyer exclusive."

The new promo was released after Transparent actor Jeffrey Tambor came forward to offer his thoughts on Bruce’s alleged transformation.

Jeffrey stars as college professor Morton Pfefferman, who decides to live as a woman called Maura following his retirement.

“I think Jenner has a right to do what Jenner wants to do,” Jeffrey told the Hollywood Reporter of Bruce’s life change.

“I don't think we should say, ‘Oh, you have to come out this way, or you have to come out this way.’ It's not fair. I wish Jenner happiness and an authentic life. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness - that's in the Constitution, dammit!”

"Oh, I hope Jenner does it right." You know, Jenner can do it the way Jenner wants to do it. If [Jenner] wants to do it making a documentary, then do it.'

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